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Insight Services is a leading private detective organization dealing with various kinds of crimes for years. Insight Services has been carrying out investigation worldwide since 2002.The organization has earned a lot of appreciation from the satisfied clients.

Complete client satisfaction with assurance is our organization’s motto. Insight Services works with a team of highly experienced and enterprising official people who are equally intelligent and sincere. Insight Services has solved many challenging cases with guaranteed solution. The organization maintains complete secrecy in all matters. Organization’s insight is client’s vanguard. View More


About our Founder

Insight Services was founded by Arya Sinha in the year 2002. Prior to it he worked as a freelancer for many years. After achieving success in many cases he decided to set up an organisation to help people in distress.

He had relentlessly worked in this field and solved many challenging cases. Although his organisation is based in Kolkata, still he has earned a good name worldwide as a challenging and enterprising Private Investigator. He solved cases not only in India but also abroad.
He has a pleasant personality and very action oriented. He is enthusiastic in solving various cases. He is an excellent professional and always has a friendly and empathetic approach towards his clients. His transparency is worthy of praise.

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