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Problems and solutions, Matrimonial Investigation, Matrimonial dispute, Pre matrimonial investigation/enquiry, Post matrimonial investigation/enquiry, Divorce, Missing Investigation / Enquiry, Kidnapping, Eloping, Absconding, Legal Investigation, Surveillance, Criminal Investigation, Undercover Investigation/ Enquiry, Crime Detection, Adultery, Crime Analysis, Illicit relation Investigation, Legal Matters Investigation/ Enquiry, Personal Investigation / Enquiry, Crime scene Investigation, Handwriting  Analysis / Enquiry / Investigation / Verification, Signature Verification, Questioned Documents Examination / Investigation / Enquiry, Finger Print Verification/ Investigation / Analysis, Domestic Enquiry / Investigation, Proper Investigation / Enquiry, Industrial Intelligence / Investigation / Enquiry, Corporate Investigation, Corporate Enquiry, Asset Verification Investigation / Enquiry, Identity Check Investigation / Analysis, Selling / Manufacturing of Fake, Spurious Good in the name of Reputed Concern, Theft Investigation / Enquiry, Investigation / Enquiry / Information relating to Property Disputes, Background Check / Investigation, Full Particular of a Person / Persons, Homicide Investigation / Enquiry, Murder Investigation / Enquiry, Secret Investigation / Enquiry /Intelligence / Services, Confidential Investigation / Enquiry / Detective service / Information, Investigation and Detection, Detection and Enquiry, Personal Problems Investigation / Enquiry / Detection, Forensic Investigation / Analysis / Expert’s / Opinion or Advices, All Types of Investigation / Detection / Enquiry / Secret Services / Surveillance, Cyber Investigation / Crime / Enquiry, Internet Investigation / Enquiry / Detection, Legal Investigation, Spy and detective, Spy or Investigators, Tracking, Expert’s  advice on Enquiry / Investigation, Secret Agent / Adviser / Investigator, Neutral Investigation agency, Confidential Investigation / Enquiry about any types of matter, Fraud Investigation/Enquiry, Extra Marital Relation Investigation / Enquiry, Alimony Case Investigation / Enquiry, Legal protection, Survey and Market Report Investigation / Enquiry, Legal Findings.